New Posters for You’re Next, Seventh Son, Insidious 2 and 300: Rise of an Empire

A foursome of new posters for you today, starting with another look at Sergey Bodrov’s “Seventh Son,” this time featuring Julianne Moore, who is apparently the bad guy (er, bad girl) in this here fantasy tale. Looks like playing evil moms are a thing for Moore now. She’s also an evil mom in the “Carrie” remake. Hey, beats digging ditches, as I always say.

Julianne Moore in Seventh Son (2013) Movie Poster

Also check out the latest poster for Adam Wingard’s “You’re Next”. The 2011 movie is finally getting a 2013 release, and about time, too. This thing looks pretty gnarly.

You're Next (2012) Movie Poster

Here’s another poster for James Wan’s spookfest “Insidious: Chapter 2”, featuring Rose Byrne and her little tykes fleeing, one presumes, spooky shenanigans. I wonder what she’s gonna do with the hammer? Can you hit a ghost with a hammer? I guess we’ll find out.

Insidious Chapter 2 (2013) Movie Poster

And finally, here’s Eva Green in Noam Murro’s “300: Rise of an Empire”, looking downright fierce.

Eva Green in 300 Rise of an Empire (2014) Move Poster