New Posters for Safe House, Chronicle, ParaNorman, and John Carter


In case you missed them, some new posters popped up online over the week, including…

An IMAX poster for “John Carter” (sans “Mars”) that you’ve seen before, but a tad different:

John Carter of Mars (2012) Movie IMAX Poster

“ParaNorman” one-sheet:

ParaNorman (2012) Movie Poster

The out-of-nowhere comic book-ish “Chronicle”, which shows boys being boys (evil, chaos-creating boys):

Chronicle (2012) Movie Poster

And finally, “Safe House”, which definitely knows who its stars are (hint: it’s Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington):

Safe House (2012) Movie Poster

Via : Fandango, Impawards, CBM, Empire

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    I guess Norman is unfazed by a zombie dong?! LOL. I still want to see “Paranorman” though as Coraline was freaking awesome! Safe House looked good from the trailer, and JC looks to be fun at the least. Chronicle I have no idea what it’s about.

    • Nix

      Wouldn’t that be the first to go? Decay and all…

      • Dedpool

        Lmao! Probably but they sure are staring hard!

        Sent on the go!

    • Dominique Hatcher

      Have you not seen the trailer for Chronicle?!?!? Dude, if you haven’t, you NEED to. NOW.

      • Dedpool

        Don’t think i have but I’m on a trailer hunt for it now!

        • Nix
          • Dedpool

            Thank you kind sir!!!

          • Dedpool

            Okay yeah that was sick! I’m in! Reminds me of that animated movie that I saw the trailer for on here. Um Nix help me out. Cell shaded, I think it’s French or something. Takes place in NYC. There’s a group of them and they were bullied I guess and are taking it out on the world or something.

  • Nix

    Ded, you’re thinking of “The Prodigies”.

    • Dedpool

      Thank you again kind sir!! I knew you’d know exactly what I was talking about!!

  • Rongetts45