New Posters: Saw 5 and Body of Lies

What does Ridley Scott and a serial killer that likes to create silly traps to kill people have in common? Answer: They each got new posters for their respective movies today. New posters for Scott’s spy thriller “Body of Lies” and the latest incarnation of the never-say-die “Saw” franchise (number 5, to be exact) have popped up online. The “Saw 5” tagline is, “You won’t believe how it ends”, while the “Body of Lies” one settled for, “Trust No One. Deceive Everyone.” But whereas the “Lies” one sells itself with its two primary stars (Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio), all “Saw 5’s” got is a dude whose head is stuck in a lousy see-through box that will probably chop his head off if he fails to solve a riddle or something.

Anyways. The posters.

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Saw 5 Poster

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Body of Lies Poster