New Promos for Ashley Judd’s Missing

Ashley Judd in Missing TV Series

I’m a sucker for movies about retired spooks with deadly skill sets who are forced out of retirement to use said deadly skill sets so they may exact some pain on bad guys who have wronged them. I was taken with “Taken” before the rest of America, for example. And I’m totally digging the idea of Ashley Judd as a mom who used to be a CIA spy who has to call forth those retired skills in order to rescue her missing son in Europe. On weekly TV, no less.

Plus, the show co-stars Sean Bean, who — you guessed it — gets blown up pretty early in the show.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Judd’s “Missing”, though. The last time we heard/saw anything was back in May 2011, when ABC released a brief 90-second first-look trailer that really didn’t show a whole lot. But the network has now released a pair of new promos that definitely show a lot more from the show, including Judd beating up a bunch of people and going all “I’m a mother and I’m not leaving without my son!” on us. Good stuff. If, you know, you like this stuff, I mean.

“Missing” stars Judd, along with Sean Bean, Cliff Curtis, Adriano Giannini, Nick Eversman and Tereza Voiskova. No idea if they’re going weekly with this, or if the pilot is a trial run.

It premieres on ABC March 15th, 2012.