New Punisher War Zone Clip — Introduced by Lexi Alexander!

Well, ain’t this interesting. After all the brouhaha around “Punisher: War Zone” (and not the good kind, either; you know, the kind that makes you want to see the movie? This is the bad kind, the kind that makes you want to avoid it entirely, and leaves a big lump in your throat, like you’ve just swallowed a shovel full of horse shit), it appears Lionsgate and director Lexi Alexander have kissed and made up. Maybe. This reeks of damage control to me, and although there are still people on the net who believes the antagonistic, and oftentimes vicious rumor mongering by all involved in the production is just a lame attempt at viral marketing, I don’t think Hollywood people are creative enough to attempt something so daring and, as it turned out, completely counter-intuitive to their cause.

In any case, here’s a new video of Lexi Alexander, back in the editing bay of “Punisher: War Zone” it would appear, that popped up online on Friday. In the vid, Lexi makes no mention of the feud, and introduces a new clip from her movie. Judge for yourself if someone’s holding a gun to her head just offscreen, or if this is the result of Alexander and Lionsgate having kissed and made up, and are now trying to stave off the already mounting bad publicity for the film.