New Quantum of Solace Images

USA Today has got more pictures from the upcoming Bond 22, aka “Quantum of Solace for This Bad Title”. No wait, I think it’s just “Quantum of Solace”. My bad. Anyways, besides a pretty lengthy article that I pretty much skipped through (seriously, these articles are all fluff pieces, what’s the point in reading them?), the article came with a few swanky new images from the movie, including a look at a battered and bloodied Bond (Daniel Craig), Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Atherton, and the movie’s latest villain, the not-all-that-scary-sounding Dominic Green, played by the creepy looking Mathieu Almaric.

Read the full article here. Bond images galore below.

(And hey, is it just me, or does director Marc Foster (the bald guy) look like he would make a pretty decent Bond villain? Just a thought.)

Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace