New Quantum of Solace Pics

In “Quantum of Solace”, the 22nd Bond film (in case you’re keeping track), Daniel Craig returns as James Bond. The story picks up after the events of “Casino Royale”, with Bond on the warpath for the people responsible for his bad times and the death of Eva Green’s character, Vesper Lynd. Basically, a lot of shooting, killing, car chasing, and having sex with hot women ensue, and not necessarily in that order. Judging by the pics that have surfaced so far, it would appear Gemma Arterton will play the oft-naked femme fatale with the 50-50 chance of being revealed as a double agent or baddie by the Third Act, while Olga Kurylenko gets the tough (but kind-hearted) chick role, though, one suspects, that probably won’t keep her character from ending up in the sack with Bond at some point. That’s just how Her Majesty’s Uber Secret Agent rolls.

New pics from the movie, set to open November 14 in the States, have arrived via the site dvd-forum. Head over there for the rest. Some choice pics below.

Quantum of Solace Movie

Quantum of Solace Movie

Quantum of Solace Movie

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