New REC 3 Trailer. Like Wedding Crashers. But With Zombies.

REC 3: Genesis (2011) Movie Image

If the filmmakers behind the original “REC” franchise (not the pointless American remake starring the girl from “Dexter”, or its cheapie direct-to-DVD sequel starring a bunch of people you’ve never heard of before) are to be believed, “REC 3: Genesis” is the penultimate installment in the franchise, with a final installment, “REC 4: Apocalypse” due later in the year.

Written and directed by Paco Plaza, part three finally finds a way out of that locked down tenement building from the first two movies and makes it way to a wedding, where wedding crashing gets taken to a whole new level. A bloody, violent, chainsaw-slicing level.

It also looks this is the first installment to, partly, eschew the shot-from-a-camera gimmick, which makes perfect sense. Why would someone be hauling around a camera at a wedding with zombies running amok? Answer: they wouldn’t. This has always been my biggest peeve about these Found Footage movies, and it appears Plaza and company uses the gimmick for the first half, then dumps it for a more traditional cinematic approach when it no longer makes any sense.

The trailer is in Spanish, but I think you can guess what’s going on. In short: Wedding = Zombies = Fun Times with Chainsaws

“Genesis” stars Leticia Dolera, Javier Botet and Diego Martín, and is due out in Spain March 30, 2012.