New Red Sonja Poster and Plot Outline – SPOILERS

Wait, this thing still isn’t dead? Hunh, that’s a shocker. Anyways, for those of you dying to see Rose McGowan slip on a mesh bikini top and chop her way through hordes of bad guys and looking shockingly hot doing it, here’s a new art poster (re: heavily photoshopped) for the “Grindhouse” star’s latest, a big-screen remake/reboot/re-imagining of the Red Sonja character. Plus, Nu Image was nice enough to include an official plot outline for their movie at the AFM, which pretty much outlines the entire movie from beginning, middle, to end. I would call this a SPOILER, although the whole thing sounds so generic and B-movie bad that it’s worth a read just for a nice laugh on a Friday afternoon. If this thing does end up getting made — man, it’ll either be the funniest movie starring Rose McGowan, or — well, okay, it’ll probably just be the funniest movie starring Rose McGowan.

“Red Sonja” starring Rose McGowan. Comedy or action? Or both? You decide.