New Ritual Poster Has Been Expecting You

Ritual (2012) Movie Teaser Poster

Mickey Keating’s indie horror film “Ritual” is making a push at the American Film Market. They’ve come up with this creepy new poster, as well as a new synopsis, in order to court potential buyers.

Tom Moses steps into a nightmare when he discovers that his estranged wife, Lovely, has brutally killed a man in one of the cramped, decaying rooms of a sleazy South Texas motel. Against his better judgment, Tom agrees to help and it is not long before he finds a video camera in the trunk of the dead man’s car. He and Lovely watch as a horrifying image crackles to life: a group of individuals, shrouded in robes and disguised in skull masks, ritualistically sacrifice a helpless girl. The situation becomes clear and Tom and Lovely realize that they need to get out while they still can. But the night has only just begun and the strangers in skull masks soon arrive with a plan of their own…

There is a lot of potential in “Ritual.” Underground cults, sacrificial rites, and that sort of thing are inherently spooky, and through some eerie masks into the mix, and you’ve got our attention. That’s a solid story, now to see what they do with it.

“Ritual” stars Derek Phillips, Lisa Summerscales, and Dean Cates. There’s no official release date, but if someone picks this up, we should hear something soon. And we will probably see this drop sometime next year.

Check out the teaser trailer below. From this you can’t help but be reminded of “Sinister”, not the story necessarily, just the found footage, creepy dude aspect.

Via : Shock Til You Drop