New Set Images from The Storm Riders 2

The tricky thing about reporting on Asian movies, even one as high-profile and as highly anticipated as the Pang Brothers’ “Storm Riders 2”, is that finding information on them is like trying to find talent in Paris Hilton. It’s just gosh darn hard! But thankfully there are sites like TwitchFilm out there to fill us in. Their latest are links to a Chinese site that has pictures from the set of “The Storm Riders 2”, featuring returning stars Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok getting suited up in their armor and a couple of images of them battling on the set, wackily oversized swords included.

The plot for “The Storm Riders 2”? Your guess is as good as mine. The only thing we know for sure is that Kwok returns as Cloud and Cheng returns as Wind. Now if they can find a way to force Earth and Fire in there somewhere, they could start their own band…

Also co-starring Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam, and Charlene Choi.

“The Storm Riders” rides into theaters in 2009.

Pics from here, linked by Twitch.

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The Storm Riders 2