New Speed Racer 3-D Poster

As if the Wachowskis’ “Speed Racer” couldn’t get anymore, shall we say, experimental friendly, they had to go and release this 3D movie poster that is, yup, movable. Or, er, 3D layered. Or something. The point is, you put your mouse over the poster, you left-click and hold, and moving the mouse also moves the poster sideways. The poster showed up on the net a long time ago when someone snapped a picture, but this is the actual poster that can be manipulated. It’s not going to change the way you think of the world, of course, but it’s kinda cool. Check it out below.

Based on the classic 1960’s Japanese animated series chronicling the aspirations of a young race car driver as he attempts to obtain glory, with the help of his family and the Mach 5, the advanced car created by his father.

Go go go see Speed Racer May 9, 2008.


(put your mouse over the poster, left-click, hold, and move it side-to-side)

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