New Splice Teaser Poster

A brand-spankin’ new teaser poster was just released by Warner Bros. Pictures for their upcoming summer release “Splice” starring Adrien “Don’t Tase Me” Brody and Sarah “Along Came” Polley.

Brody and Polley play rebel scientists who thumb their noses at the scientific establishment (and the Maker of the universe) by engineering their very own species of animal. Their creation is a smash hit and life is caviar, champagne, and pedicures at upscale salons. Until one day they tell God to go screw himself even more by introducing human DNA into their pet project. Then God’s all like, “Oh yeah, you want to play me? We’ll see how you like THIS!” And then all hell breaks loose while their snooty scientist colleagues enjoy a heaping mug of schadenfreude.

Watch the hell break loose June 4.

Splice by Vincenzo Natali starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley