New Stargate Universe TV Series is Coming…

Even with the impending cancellation of “Stargate SG1”, the show’s creator Robert C. Cooper is not ready to give up on the series just yet — or at least, is not ready to just work on “Stargate: Atlantis” as the only “Stargate” show. Cooper recently confirmed to Sci Fi Wire that he is indeed working on a concept for a third Stargate series, to be called “Stargate Universe”, although he wouldn’t reveal any details. The show itself is still in the conceptual stage, and no network has picked it up yet, including the Sci Fi Channel, which fronted the money for “SG1” for years after it nearly died in syndication.


Cooper added that the proposed third series will take place in the present day. “One thing that we think contributes to the success of [all of] the series and the concept behind the series is that it takes place in the here and now. … It’s about us and our age of people dealing with fantastic things, like Stargates and wormholes and aliens. And then there’s an identifiable quality to the people in the show. It’s not like an antiseptic version of humanity sometime 500 years in the future. [SG-1’s] Jack O’Neill [Richard Dean Anderson] was a guy who everybody could relate to, and his reactions to the more fantastic elements of the series were the reactions the average Joe on the street might have.”

Now, while I am a fan of the Stargate universe (although I never really got into “Atlantis”), I can’t see a third series being a very good idea. The original cast of “SG1” already has two direct-to-DVD movies planned after the end of “SG1’s” original run on TV, so why bother with a third series? I say keep doing DTDVD movies.

But hey, that’s just me.

“Stargate: SG1” ends its 10-season run (a major record for a syndicated show) with the June 22nd episode, “Unending,” which will lead into the direct-to-DVD movies.

The entire series is, of course, based on the 1994 movie “Stargate” by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, and originally starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. But this is definitely one of those rare cases of a TV series being much, much, much better than the movie.

I mean, how could you go wrong with MacGyver fighting aliens?

New Stargate Universe TV Series is Coming...