New Teaser Trailer for War of the Dead

War of the Dead (2011) Movie Image

We started reporting on Marko Mäkilaakso’s “War of the Dead” back when it was still called “Stone’s War”, named after the film’s main character. There were trailers, posters, images, but never a release date. 2008 was the last time we heard anything about the movie, but now it seems like Stone and company are finally getting their chance at a wide release.

The long-delayed zombie actioner finds a platoon of American and Finnish soldiers who are driven deep into a Russian forest, where they discover a terrifying Nazi secret. Hint: zombies. Nazi zombies, to be more exact.

March 1942. Captain Martin Stone leads an American unit on a mission to destroy an enemy bunker; joining forces with an elite platoon of soldiers. But when the troops find themselves being attacked by the same enemy soldiers they had killed in an earlier ambush, they quickly begin to question who exactly the enemy is…an SS experiments gone wrong or the Living Dead?

The film stars Andrew Tiernan, Mikko Leppilampi and Samuel Vauramo.

The UK’s Momentum Pictures has released a new teaser trailer for the film. I suspect that means they’ve acquired it, and plans to release it soon. Fingers crossed!

War of the Dead (2011) Movie Poster