New The Dark Knight Images of the Joker?

Okay, so I’m going to tack on a really big CAVEAT EMPTOR with this particular post. While searching the net, I came across this site called Angryweb that claims to have new, leaked photos of “The Dark Knight” featuring the Joker in a variety of poses, including as an undercover nurse with a machine pistol. Since the post was made on April 2nd on the original site, I’m going to assume it’s not an April Fools Joke, but hey, it could very well be, so I have absolutely no way to tell you if these images are real or fake or somewhere in-between. Take it for what you will. New “The Dark Knight” Joker images? Maybe. Take a look and judge for yourself.

The Joker takes on The Dark Knight on July 18, 2008.

Update: 4/5/08


You know the drill. Warner. Lawsuit. Etc. But I guess those images were REAL after all, huh?