New The Spirit Poster and Trailer

To be honest with you, I’m a little surprised by the lackluster reaction to Frank Miller’s big-screen adaptation of “The Spirit”. The advance word of mouth haven’t been kind, and this looks like it could be another “The Phantom” — a forgettable superhero movie about a superhero people didn’t really know about in the first place, and didn’t really care to get to know. I don’t think I’ve heard a single good thing about the film, but I have to admit, personally, I kinda like what I’m seeing. All the promo images that have been released so far leads me to believe this thing could be a really fun movie.

Sure, it probably won’t be the “Sin City 2” that everyone wants, but does everything have to be “Sin City”? This is Frank Miller, after all, who has done everything from introducing the world to 300 brave Spartans to re-inventing Batman and Daredevil for the masses. Why wouldn’t he be able to make a Spirit movie worth shelling out full price for?

Anyways, the Powers That Be have released a new poster (supposedly the final one) and brand spanking new trailer (with Christmas music, no less) for the movie. Have fun.

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