New The Wrestler Images

More images from Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler”, starring Mickey Rourke as a has-been wrestler who gets another shot at glory, even as he tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter. The first trailer for the movie was released last week, and it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet. Here are more images from the movie, featuring director Aronofsky in those “director shots” that studios love to put out, including Evan Rachel Wood as the Wrestler’s daughter and Marisa Tomei as his stripper gal pal.

An all-but-unrecognizable Mickey Rourke stars as an aging Hulk Hogan-inspired professional wrestler, desperately trying to hold onto his larger-then-life glory days of the 80s. In a parallel plotline, Marisa Tomei costars as an aging stripper, also holding onto her youth as long as she can. Shot with ample use of hand-held, documentary-style cameras, Rourke and Tomei give outstanding performances in challenging roles (Rourke reportedly bulked up 35 pounds for the part), while director Darren Aronofsky succeeds in showing the grittier, human sides of both professional wrestling and the stripping life without resorting to trickery or pandering to emotion. The Wrestler has an honest, kick-in-the-gut feel, much like life itself. While often violent and not for the faint at heart, the flick is also realistic and pulls off the nearly impossible: making an exceedingly watchable, interesting, and entertaining movie about the drama that is professional wrestling.

There’s a January 2009 release date for the flick.

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