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I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unappreciated.  Underwhelming.  Under-performing.  These are words that describe the original theatrical release of “Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture”.  For fans of the cartoon/toy line, the movie was…different.  When I was 5 years old, I watched this film and was like “Where is Orko? Where is Battle Cat?  Where the hell is the Eternian Royal Palace?” As years go by, and multiple viewings ( I have seen this film over 800 times) you realize that some things (especially in 1987) just couldn’t be done.  For a low budget sci-fi/fantasy film, it tried…god it tried.  The plot device of the cosmic key is a MOTU-style plot device, and going to earth was a TERRIBLE idea.  The actors do what they can, as the characters aren’t fleshed out at all except Skeletor and maybe Evil-Lyn.  And in the end the film is just that, a film.  Is it a good sci-fi film?  For the time period and budget, yes.  Is it a good MOTU adaptation?  I will have to say enjoyable but not “good”.  Now for the 25th Anniversary of the film Warner Bros. has released it on Blu-Ray and this is what you will get:

The Package

The package for “Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture” is well….the exact same as my DVD released in 2001.  No cool slipcase, no special artwork….nothing.  The disc is even bland, a black disc with the logo etched in silver.  All in all, disappointing.

Masters of the Universe (1987) Movie Blu-ray Cover

Looks….familiar, doesn’t it?

The Picture

When grading the picture I watched my DVD release next to the Blu-Ray.  And I have to say:  80% of the film is beautiful, colors are rich and the Blu-Ray transfer REALLY makes the effects better than what they are.  The other 20%….looks like my DVD picture with extra GRAIN!  Now I don’t know if they transferred from the DVD picture or from the original film (which is probably WAY degraded by this point, explaining the grain in some areas).  Even with the grain, it is the best the film has (and probably will) look.  I just really wish that WB took the care they do with some “Anniversary” releases such as “Batman” or “Blade Runner”.

Frank Langella in Masters of the Universe (1987) Movie Image

“I’m all gold…and SHINY!”

The Sound

Where the picture has issues, the sound is absolutely PERFECT.  You hear every sound effect and even generic background noise, top-notch work indeed.  When the weapons are fired, you hear their power.  When swords clash, it echoes in the room.  And when Skeletor laughs…you feel it in your bones.  This aspect GREATLY makes up for the flaws in the picture

It’s not THAT kind of movie

Menus/Special Features

As great as the technical aspects are on the film, that is where the praise ends.  BARE BONES are the only words I can describe it.  The menu is a direct port from the DVD.  And the special features..I’m sorry special feature, is Director Commentary (which is entertaining and insightful).  You would think with an anniversary release you would add something for the fans, but no, nothing.

Weird floaty hologram….thingy

This film may not have been a success, but it deserves better.  WB should have put more work into it and put some more features in there and give FANS something more for the 25th Anniversary of this film.  If you haven’t seen this film, watch it and enjoy it, despite its flaws.  And fans, this is the best it is going to get.  It is sad that it took this long for it to get on Blu-Ray, and it is even more sad that this is what we get, this film could have the power.

Buy “Masters of the Universe” on Blu-ray from Warner Home Video.

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  • Curtis

    The story for the film was a little more like the original storyline from the figures and comics before the cartoon came out. But I hope if a new one gets off the ground be at least have battle-cat.

    • Lazz82

      The main problem with coming to earth was it almost made the film a comedy or a fish out of water story gone horribly HORRIBLY wrong. AND WHEN DID HE-MAN EVER HAVE A GUN??? Man-at-arms definitely and Teela I almost understand. But they did what they could with what they had.

      • Wolfdaddy21

        Yea could have done with out earth, but like I said in the storyline from the figures He-Man had no powers himself, he had a techno-baldric that granted him strength and a force field and a magic battle axe. He would also use guns from time to time. Most of the movie was taken from the original story except for He-Man actually using the Power Sword.

        • Dedpool

          I think like Transformers is doing with both the games and the “Transformers Prime” cartoon they should take everything that was good about He-Man and work it into an epic Dark Fanatsy film. I have tons of idea on how to make that work. Same as I do for a Street Fighter film that would work.

          • Wolfdaddy21

            as do I, wouldn’t be hard though mixing the original comics/action figure storyline, and the original, 200x cartoons and the new storyline they have for the new figures into an awesome film, or hell I wouldn’t mind seeing a few direct to dvd animated films. But if they do a live action I’d definitely cast Dolph Lundgren as King Greyskull

          • Dedpool

            Pretty much my thoughts exactly. We’ve gone back and forth on this before. And I put the link up for the Justin marks script review.

          • Wolfdaddy21

            Yea, I’ve heard nothing new sadly, especially since this year marks the 30th anniversary of MOTU you would figure something would have happened. Only thing is the figure line is dying because of quality control and shipping issues as well as cost and their character line up full of character the majority do not want.

          • Dedpool

            Grrr so sad!!! Hell like you said a couple of direct to dvd animated films would rock!!!

          • Lazz82

            I have written several outlines for a new MOTU film as well as a sequel to the original Michael Bay TF film. I wrote these in 2007 (which was surprisingly like ROTF but without the twins and egypt). I hope for a new film, Hell like Curtis said DTV animated films would be awesome.

        • Lazz82

          The techno-baldric and axe sounds like the story from He-Ro (a prototype he-man) there was also Wun-Dar (A barbarian character with an axe)…they merged the 2 characters to create He-man and the universe he lives in (hence the technology). I am glad to know I am not the only geek that has heard of these things…

          • Curtis

            He-Ro was a wizard and ancestor of He-Man from the “Powers of Grayskull” toyline that never got produced, and Lou Schimer used the name for the alter ego of “Dare: Son of He-Man”, which also never got produced. But He-Ro was given a new bio to make him the one who gives King Grayskull the sword of power when He-Ro’s new figure came out a few years ago. Wun-Dar is the name given to the infamous “Wonder Bread He-Man” action figure that no one knows whether it really existed or not, but it does now because mattel made one for the classics line. He-Man getting his Baldric and Axe from the goddess “Tee-La” are shown in the very first Mini-comic “He-Man and the Power Sword” packaged with the first He-Man figure in 1982. Sorry for the long post, I’ve made a study of the history of He-Man.

          • Lazz82

            OK….gotya…and the wonder bread he-man DID exist..I have one…lol. I forgot about the first mini-comics…(unfortunately I was 1 when the figs came out, and didn’t get the fist 6 mini comics). Always love to learn more. : )

          • Curtis

            No prob, I wasn’t even born yet in 82 when the figures first hit the shelves (born in 83) I was just lucky enough to have a collection after the fact. Yea I’ve heard a bunch on both sides of the Wonder Bread He-Man, Mattel and Wonder bread both have no record of it. Its funny. Wish I could afford more of the classics line but most of the ones I want are club exclusive