New Trailer and a Trio of Posters for the South Korean Comedy Invasion of Alien Bikini

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This one looks…strange. What sort of strange remains to be seen, so I’m approaching with one with much apprehension. Director Oh Young-Doo’s “Invasion of Alien Bikini” has been on my cinematic radar for a while now, but it’s been a minute or two since we’ve had anything new to chew on. Promotionally speaking, of course. Below you’ll find three new posters and one bizarro trailer for the forthcoming sci-fi comedy, all of which look very…strange.

Curious as to what it’s all about? Here’s a synopsis:

Young-gun saves a young lady from assailants and brings her into his house. She is an alien which needs sperms to breed and seduces Young-gun to get his sperms. However, Young-gun has taken a vow of chastity to keep his virginity until his marriage. She exhausts every means of gaining his sperms.

“Invasion of Alien Bikini”, which stars Hong Young-Guen, Ha Eun-jeong, Seo Byeong-cheol, Choi Yeong-jo, Jo Hoon-yeong, and Kim Hyeon-tae, opens in South Korea on August 25th, 2011.

Source: HanCinema

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • kazar

    looks hilarious. one of the posters has a barbarella feel.