New Trailer and Images for The Walking Dead Season 2

Normal Reedus and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Season 2 TV Series

AMC has released a new, 90-second trailer for “The Walking Dead” Season 2, which is scheduled to shamble back onto the airwaves October 16th with the episode, “What Lies Ahead”. I’m gonna guess that what lies ahead is a lot of interpersonal conflicts among the survivors in the aftermath of the CDC debacle. The new season is expected to take place immediately after the CDC building went KABOOM.

Plus, zombies. Yeah, there are plenty of those lying ahead, too. Lots and lots of zombies. Well, this wouldn’t be much of a zombie TV show if there weren’t, now would it?

Everyone who survived the first season are back for Season 2, including Andrew Lincoln as sureshot cop Rick Grimes, Sarah Wayne Callies as his wife Lori and Chandler Riggs as their pup Carl. Norman Reedus, as crossbow-wielding badass Daryl is also back, along with shotgun-toting Shane (Jon Bernthal) and the elusive Glenn (Steven Yeun). Laurie Holden, who barely survived the first season, is also back as Andrea, along with Jeffrey DeMunn and IronE Singleton as T-Dog. Mom and daughter Carol and Sophia (Melissa Suzanne McBride and Madison Lintz) also make their triumphant return with flesh intact. For now, at least.

New images from the upcoming Season 2 premiere episode: