New Trailer for All Superheroes Must Die

All Superheroes Must Die (2011) Movie Image

And here I thought the superheroes of Jason Trost’s “All Superheroes Must Die” (originally “Vs.”) were just guys Batman-like vigilantes in costume, I didn’t know they had actual superpowers. But apparently they do, at least according to this new trailer (and synopsis below) for the film. In any case, check out the new trailer for “All Superheroes Must Die”. Don’t let the campy title fool ya; this doesn’t look campy at all.

(They probably should change the title back…)

Four masked avengers find themselves stripped of their powers by a cruel arch-nemesis they defeated years earlier … or so they thought. When the sinister mastermind puts the heroes through a series of brutal challenges that are virtually impossible to overcome, they must battle the clock — and even each other — in a race to stop a deadly countdown that could mean total destruction.

Starring James Remar, Lucas Till and Jason Trost.

“All Superheroes Must Die” fights to the death on DVD and Blu-ray January 29, 2013 courtesy of Image Entertainment.