New Trailer For DC Animated Film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights


Man, Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern, has a certain ring to it, huh? That’s the main selling point for the new animated film “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” from DC. That does sound pretty rad, and now you can see for yourself since a trailer has been released for the film.

“Emerald Knights” is an anthology film comprised of six interlocking stories where each chapter focuses on a different member of the Green Lantern Corps. Characters making appearances in the film include Sinestro, Abin Sur, Kilowog, Mogo, and Rori Dog. In addition to Fillion, you’ll hear a cast of all-star voice featuring Elisabeth Moss, Jason Isaacs, Kelly Hu, Henry Rollins, Arnold Vosloo, Wade Williams, and Rowdy Roddy Piper (can I get a ‘hell yeah’?).

“Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” hits DVD and Blu-ray on June 7, a scant ten days before Ryan Reynolds takes the character to the big screen, and is intended as a compliment or companion piece to that film. Not to mention that it looks like a damn good time.

Author: Brent McKnight

Brent McKnight lives in Seattle with his dogs. He likes beards, movies where things explode, and overcast skies. His three favorite movies are "Rubin and Ed", "A Bittersweet Life", and "Out for Justice". He wishes his knees didn't hurt. On Twitter @BrentMMcKnight
  • B-Flash

    Looks good. The GL suit almost looks like the “First Flight” one, could of been made a sequel.

    • Dedpool

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it started and then the live action movie got going and they parlayed it into a tie-in.

  • Juggernaut

    Now that’s what a Green Lantern trailer should look and sound like!!! Way better than the live action one. I’ll definately be picking this up. Who knows, maybe I’ll forego the theaters for Ryan Reynolds chees fest and just hang out at my house and pop in this one. LOl. Besides I’d take Fillion over Reynolds any day.

  • MIKE


    • B-Flash

      Nope, I’m a little pissed about that too. They need to start doing animated movies with the other earth GLs.

      • Dedpool

        Well the thing is this would take place pretty much right after the film if DC is making this canon with it. If not then it’s just to get those who only know John as GL interested in Hal and the corps as a whole, AND to drum up interest in the upcoming series.
        I would love a First Flight sequel with John and Guy being recruited to fight against SInestroo’s new corps.

  • Hangman's Joke

    No I think the better question is where’s Ch’p and G’nort GREATEST LANTERNS EVER CREATED in DC history! Yeah that was sarcasm.