New Trailer for Found Footage Flick Area 407 (formerly Tape 407)

Area 407 (2011) Movie Image

Another day, another Found Footage horror movie gets snatched up to be released on VOD with a (contractually obligated) limited theatrical run. So what else is new? Todd already posted a previous trailer for the movie (back when it was still called “Tape 407”), and now comes official news that IFC Midnight have snatched up North American rights to Dale Fabrigar and Everette Wallin’s thriller, including the spiffy new name change. I guess given the spacey-monsters-on-the-loose premise, “Area 407” just sounds more sci-fi-y. (You know, “Area 51” and such.)

AREA 407 features lost footage too real for reality and too disturbing for fiction. The film opens with two teenagers flying from New York to Los Angeles on New Years Eve. Their nightmare begins when their plane hits extreme turbulence mid-flight. The relentless weather attack causes panic and terror amongst the passengers until the plane ultimately crashes in a remote government-testing area. The handful of survivors from the crash, bloody and disoriented, are then insistently pursued in the darkness by unknown predators that, unbeknownst to them, are part of the government’s top-secret Mesa Experiment.

The film stars no one you’ve ever heard of (cheaper that way, don’t you know), including Abigail Schrader, James Lyons, Melanie Lyons, Brendan Patrick Connor, Ken Garcia, Samantha Sloyan, and co-director Everette Wallin.

IFC Midnight will release the film in limited release April 27, 2012, but as always, your best chance to catch this will more likely than not be through a Video on Demand avenue of your choice (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, etc.)

Area 407 (2012) Movie Poster