New Trailer for Heavenly Sword Animated Movie Slashes Online

Heavenly Sword (2014) Movie Image

Hmm, an Aussie voicing a character named Noriko? I guess, uh, that’s possible. Anyways, “Fringe” star Anna Torv is doing a little animated work these days as the voice of the main character in director Gun Ho Jang’s animated movie “Heavenly Sword,” based on the Playstation videogame of the same name. I’ve actually played this game once. It was interesting, like the “God of War” games, except with a scantily clad leading lady. I don’t recall much from it, though, which probably says something.

Anyways, check out the latest trailer for the upcoming animated “Heavenly Sword” movie. Added in an older trailer below for those of you who might have missed it the first time ’round. Two for the price of one, kiddos!

Heavenly Sword is a dramatic tale of revenge that sees Nariko (Anna Torv), a fiery red-haired heroine, embark on a quest for vengeance against the invading King Bohan (Alfred Molina) and his army. Once considered the failure of a legendary prophesy, Nariko must wield a sword that was ultimately meant for another. This ancient Heavenly Sword, once belonging to a powerful deity, can never be wielded by a mortal without it slowly but inevitably killing them. For Nariko it is a race against time to avenge her clan before her life is irreparably overtaken by the omnipotent Heavenly Sword.

Featuring the voices of Anna Torv as Nariko, Thomas Jane as Loki, and Alfred Molina as Bohan.

Foreigners will get the film theatrically in 2014, while Stateside fans will likely have to wait for it to debut on Playstation’s PS3 and their snazzy new PS4.