New Trailer for Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx’s The Kingdom

Peter Berg’s “The Kingdom” is definitely on my radar, and has been for a while now. I’m a big fan of Berg, has been ever since the wild and frenzy of “The Rundown”, and he’s proven my confidence in him correct with the equally great “Friday Night Lights”. His latest, “The Kingdom” looks to be a pretty gritty story with some insane action thrown in every now and then (and from reviews I’ve read, this is towards the end when the movie becomes one long chase/gunfight). But this definitely looks and feels more like a “tense political thriller” than a “slam-bang action movie”, and I would prefer it that way. To treat this kind of subject right, and without the simplistic nature to politics that Hollywood usually approaches such subject matters, requires a pretty rigid and cool hand behind the camera. I think Berg can do that.

Over at Yahoo! Movies there is a new high-definition trailer for “The Kingdom”. It expands on the film’s second-half storyline, with Jason Bateman’s character being captured by terrorists during an ambush, with Foxx, Garner, and Chris Cooper forced to chase them to rescue their colleague. It looks so good, and the music in the trailer is so perfect, too.

In “The Kingdom”, a team of U.S. counter-terrorism investigators led by Jamie Foxx sets out to find the perpetrators behind a deadly attack on Americans in a Middle Eastern country (think Saudi Arabia). In order to work through the bureaucracy and cultural hostility, the team enlists a local police officer, but still find itself target for the terrorists.

Some images from the trailer: