New Trailer for Scott Adkins’ Undisputed 3


I gotta admit, I’ve come to hate prison fighting movies. I’ve also learned to hate tournament fighting movies as well. Which is weird, because I used to eat this stuff up in the ’90s. Unfortunately it’s 2010, and the cheapie nature of tournament fighting flicks are just, well, so ’90s. Can’t someone give me an actual movie premise instead of just throwing a bunch of guys into a ring and writing a script around all the bloodshed? How hard it is to justify someone with Adkins’ talents going through a non-tourney fighting storyline and still have him bust heads? I’m just saying. But hey, at least this one has Scott Adkins in it, but hopefully this will be the last tourney fight flick for him. Hopefully. Here’s the latest trailer for Adkins’ “Undisputed 3: Redemption” (via Scott Adkinz Fanz.)

Originally a secondary character in “Undisputed 2″, part 3 now stars Adkins as Uri Boyka, a heavily tattooed and heavily badass Eastern European fighter who gets involved in an International prison fighting circuit run by evil Russian-sounding guys in order to win his freedom. Oh, those crazy Russian-sounding guys and their evil prison fighting schemes. When will they learn? Much head is busted and asses are kicked, one suspects, as our hero fights for his freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom.

Starring Scott Adkins, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Mark Ivanir, Hristo Shopov, Marko Zaror, Michael Baral, Ilram Choi, Robert Costanzo, Lateef Crowder, Esteban Cueto, Vernon Dobtcheff, Valentin Ganev, and directed by Isaac Florentine, who also directed Adkins in “Ninja”.

The DVD lands Stateside either in June.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    He may not even be the one reviewing it when it comes out. As of now this is just about the trailer. We like to make an effort to review things that we like, so he'll most likely pass it to me or Gazz or someone else who would definitely enjoy the film. He was just stating a personal gripe with fighting movies. A well founded one. Whatever happened to movies like Enter The Dragon, and Unleashed (though that had some tourney fighting). Movies where the stories provided the fights not vice versa. We've gotten some from Thailand like Ong Bak, the Protector, and even Chocolate and Raging Phoenix, but for the most part the stories were lacking. We need a movie that has good fights and a story that's just as good.

  • Dove300

    Fair enough. When it does come out and if you choose to take the time out to “review” the movie, I hope that this movie changes your mind about this genre and receives a fair review. I understand about the storyline gripes, but the story in UD3 is better than UD2. But that may be up for discussion later.

    Thanks for replying Jiinx

  • Djamel_muay_thai

    salut boyka ca va je suis doumi djamel je suis entraineur de boxe thai et kick boxing et la lutte et vraiment tu es mon meilleur acteur et je suis algerien et toute l’algerie love maerci