New Trailer for the One-Shot Horror Film The Silent House

Gustavo Hernández’s “The Silent House” is billed as a horror movie shot in one continuous shot. That’s 86 minutes (sans opening and ending credits) without a single cut. Or at least, that’s the claim. My guess is this will lead to a lot of scenes of people just walking around or sitting about waiting for something to happen, so in that respect it’s probably like the “Paranormal Activity” franchise that you kids seem to love so much. Optimum Releasing has released a new trailer for the film below. I gotta admit, it looks like it has potential.

Laura and her father settle down in a cottage off the beaten track in order to update it, since its owner will soon put the house on sale. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Laura hears a sound that comes from outside, and gets louder and louder in the upper floor of the house. Her father goes up to see what is going on while she remains downstairs on her own waiting for him to come down…

Starring Florencia Colucci, Abel Tripaldi and Gustavo Alonso.

The film opens in UK theaters April 8, 2011.