New Trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal Brings Out the Sharp Objects

Iko Uwais in The Raid 2: Berendal (2014) Movie Image

Just how much further can Gareth Evans go after the over-the-top asskicking of the first “Raid” movie? Well, check out a second trailer for that movie’s sequel, “The Raid 2: Berandal” to find out for yourself. Essentially a lot of people are getting their asses kicked, slashed, and possibly shot, too. Or all three at the same time.

Iko Uwais is back as the cop, and this time it looks like has to fight a gazillion guys. Good look, Iko!

THE RAID 2 picks up right where the first film left off and follows Rama (Iko Uwais) as he goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks of a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to protect his family and uncover the corruption in his own police force. His mission is to get close to a new mob boss, Bangun, by befriending his incarcerated son, Uco. Rama must hunt for information linking Bangun with corruption in the Jakarta Police Department while pursuing a dangerous and personal vendetta that threatens to consume him and bring his mission–and the organized crime syndicate–down around him.

Starring Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, Raiden Integra, Donny Alamsyah, Kazuki Kitamura, Tio Pakusodewo, Julie Estelle, Ryûhei Matsuda, Arifin Putra, and Ken’ichi Endô.

Making its premiere at Sundance this year.

The Raid 2 - Berandal (2014) Movie Poster