New Trailers for the CW’s Arrow and Beauty and the Beast

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Season 1 - Cast Promo

Plus some medical show about some spunky blonde, but we don’t care about that, even if it does co-star former “Smallville” actor Justin Hartley (aka Green Arrow) as the male lead. The only Green Arrow we’re concern about nowadays is one Stephen Amell, who is starring as the emerald vigilante in the CW’s new show “Arrow”. Check out a 30-second trailer for “Arrow” and another one for the Kristn Kreuk-fronted “Beauty and the Beast”.

More about the latter show:

Detective Catherine Chandler is a smart, no-nonsense homicide detective. When she was a teenager, Catherine witnessed the murder of her mother at the hands of two gunmen. Catherine would have been killed too, but someone – or something – saved her. No one has ever believed her, but she knows it wasn’t an animal that attacked the assassins…it was human. Years have passed, and Catherine is a strong, confident, capable police officer, working alongside her equally talented partner, Tess. While investigating a murder, Catherine discovers a clue that leads her to a handsome doctor named Vincent Keller, who was reportedly killed by enemy fire while serving in Afghanistan in 2002. Catherine learns that Vincent is actually still alive and that it was he who saved her many years before. For mysterious reasons that have forced him to live outside of traditional society, Vincent has been in hiding for the past 10 years to guard his secret – when he is enraged, he becomes a terrifying beast, unable to control his super-strength and heightened senses. Catherine agrees to protect his identity in return for any insight he may have into her mother’s murder. Thus begins a complex relationship between Catherine and Vincent, who are powerfully drawn to each other yet understand that their connection is extremely dangerous for both of them.

Starring Kristin Kreuk as Catherine, Jay Ryan as Vincent, Max Brown as Evan, Nina Lisandrello as Tess, Nicole Gale Anderson as Heather, Austin Basis as J.T., and Brian White as Joe.

Here’s a clip from the show released yesterday:

ARROW TV Series - Cast Promo

And here’s the 30-second spot for “Arrow”. In case you missed it, I’ve also included the first clip from the show that was released yesterday. Both shows are scheduled for this Fall on the CW.