New Trailers for Traitor and Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

Two new trailers, one for the intense as hell looking Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce action-thriller “Traitor”, and another for the not-so-much “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer”. “Traitor” stars Pearce as an FBI agent chasing Cheadle, who may or may not be a terrorist. “Jack Brooks”, meanwhile, well, it’s “Evil Dead” with a plumber’s wrench. Should be fun times if you don’t expect too much out of it. And really, how much can you expect out of a movie called “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer”? It’s entirely your damn fault if you go with high expectations.

Second “Traitor” trailer:

More on “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer”:

After witnessing the brutal murder of his family, Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) is left with an unquenchable fury that he is constantly fighting to control. Now working as a local plumber and struggling in a relationship with his girlfriend Eve (Rachel Skarsten), Jack’s life has become a downward spiral. One night, Jack attempts to fix Professor Crowley’s (Robert Englund) old, rusted pipes, but unknowingly awakens an ancient evil. Lured by this demonic power, Professor Crowley discovers a monstrous black heart that quickly forces its way inside of him. Possessed by the heart now beating in his chest, the Professor starts a slow, gruesome transformation. It is at this moment that Jack realizes he can’t run from his past, and quickly discovers the true purpose of his inner rage.


Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Poster