New Transformers Clip Featuring Megatron

Shia LaBeouf was recently on David Letterman’s “Late Show” to plug “Transformers” (seriously, like this movie needs anymore plugging), and he brought along a 30-second clip featuring him and a pursuing Megatron. I still have a lot of problems with how Megatron looks. I know, it wouldn’t work to make him a gun like in the cartoons, but man, I just don’t “get” the look of Megatron in the movie. He looks all kinds of crap to me, but maybe you disagree. Head on down for the clip of Megatron pursuing spunky Shia LaBeouf.

“Transformers” opens July 3rd, with showings on July 2nd. Parents, put your kids to bed, because this movie is going to kill everything at the box office when it opens.