New Transporter 3 Trailer Reveals Plot

Here’s what we learned from the first trailer for “The Transporter 3”: Jason Statham is back, and yes, he does find a reason to take off his shirt to show us his rippling muscles, you’re welcome, ladies; a cute little freckled redhead who may or may not be French or European is involved; and someone slaps a bracelet doohickey on our man Frank Martin that he desperately wants to get rid of. Now here’s the second trailer for “Transporter 3”, in which we learn: that bracelet doohickey is set off to explode if Frank wanders more than 75 feet from his car ala “Speed”; the girl who may or may not be French is Frank’s latest package, to be delivered for bad guy Robert Knepper (aka T-Bag from Prison Break); and finally, Jason Statham once again finds a reason to take off his shirt for the ladies.

Olivier Megaton, Luc Besson’s latest project, takes over directing chores from the departed Louis Leterrier, who had previously replaced Hong Kong action director Corey Yuen. New trailer for “The Transporter 3” below.

Get shirtless and ripped with Jason November 26, 2008.