New True Blood Teaser Poster Pokes Fun at Your Vampiric Addictions

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Try as I might, I simply cannot get into HBO’s “True Blood”. For a show that features copious amounts of blood-letting and gratuitous sex, it’s surprisingly dull. However, I understand there are a lot of people out there who simply cannot get enough of this show and its weekly allowance of vampire-related depravity. HBO understands this, and they’ve put together a website called TBWithdrawal to help you through the agony until the series returns this summer. Who needs sunlight when you have a plethora of sexy vampires to hang out with. Am I right? They’ve even constructed a minimalistic poster to help tide you over until the season premiere. How impossibly thoughtful.

“True Blood” is scheduled to suck you dry on Sunday, June 26th at 9pm.

Author: Todd Rigney

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