New U.S. Trailer and Poster for The Viral Factor

Andy On in The Viral Factor (2011) Movie Image

Not excited for Dante Lam’s Jay Chou/Nicholas Tse actioner “The Viral Factor” yet? You should be. The film looks like it has the makings of a gun-happy good time. Coming from Lam (“The Beast Stalker”, “Fire of Conscience”), who has directed some of my favorite Hong Kong action movies of the 2000s, I’m really expecting good stuff here, so you better deliver, Lam! Anyways, check out a slightly new-ish U.S. trailer and poster for “The Viral Factor”.

IDC Agent Jon (Jay Chou) sustains grave injuries on a mission and decides to spend his final days with his mother. She tells him a long-held secret. To fulfill her wishes, Jon goes to Southeast Asia. He befriends medical specialist Rachel (Lin Peng). When she is forced into the schemes of a criminal organization, Jon attempts rescue and becomes the target of the organization that includes his estranged brother Yang (Nicholas Tse)! When the organization betrays Yang and kidnaps his daughter Sheng, the brothers join forces to rescue Rachel and Sheng.

Also starring Andy On, Lin Peng, and Bai Bing.

Stateside fans can keep track of the film’s release dates and locations at its official site. Besides the two major coasts, the film is also opening in Houston, Washington D.C., and Boston, among other locales.

The Viral Factor (2012) Movie Poster