New UK Trailer for the Jackie Chan Produced Actioner Legendary Amazons

Cecilia Cheung in Legendary Amazons (2011) Movie Image

Stick Jackie Chan’s name on anything and chances are I’ll watch it. No kidding. I even plunked down good money to see “Looking for Jackie” and “The Shinjuku Incident”, two films I could have easily lived without. Chan isn’t in veteran director Frankie Chan’s “Legendary Amazons”, but every bit of press surrounding the flick lets you know that our pal Jackie produced the flick. And while the film has received mixed reviews, I’ll still have a look at it as soon as the opportunity presents itself. That’s just the kind of unwavering fan I am.

Before jumping to the latest trailer, read this:

Formerly titled Lady Generals Of The Yang Family, Legendary Amazons is based on a famous Chinese opera set in the Song Dynasty. When the men of the Yang Clan were massacred in battle, the women, from elderly grandmother to little sisters, put on armor and led the army to victory. A Yang family daughter-in-law, Mu Guiying, is a celebrated woman warrior in Chinese folklore.

“Legendary Amazons” is set for release in the UK on May 14th, 2012, which explains why there’s a new trailer currently making the rounds. You can check it out by venturing below. Additionally, you can read James Mudge’s review of the film by heading over here.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second