New US Antichrist Trailer Is Pretty Sweet

AntichristAlthough the film was unceremoniously shredded by critics when it debuted at Cannes earlier this year, Lars von Trier’s insanely creepy 2009 “horror” flick “Antichrist” is actually a pretty effective piece of work, assuming, of course, that you’re ready to tackle things like genital mutilation, bizarre animal footage, and Willem Dafoe’s naked ass. Narrative hiccups aside, this eerily gorgeous motion picture is a daunting descent into guilt, remorse, and redemption, punctuated by some of the most shocking sequences my nimble eyes have absorbed all year. “Antichrist” is scheduled for limited release on October 23rd, which may explain why this snappy little preview has started popping up all over the place as of late. If you’re currently on the fence about giving this film your undivided attention, the US trailer might be the thing to push you over, regardless of which side you’re leaning.