New US Trailer for Takeshi Kitano’s Crime Flick Outrage

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Takeshi Kitano and Ryo Kase in Outrage (2010) Movie Image

I’ve been patiently waiting for the opportunity to check out acclaimed actor/director Takeshi Kitano’s 2010 crime outing “Outrage” for quite some time now. For a while, it seemed the film would never see an official release here in the States, that is, until now. Magnet has officially announced the film’s arrival on VOD beginning October 28th, 2011, which pleases this Kitano nerd to no end. However, if you prefer to see the film in a more traditional setting, select theaters will start screening the picture on December 2nd. In order to celebrate the movie’s arrival, the distributor has unleashed a brand new poster and a snappy new trailer.

Before digging in, refresh your memory regarding the storyline:

In a ruthless battle for power, several yakuza clans vie for the favour of their head family in the Japanese underworld. The rival bosses seek to rise through the ranks by scheming and making allegiances sworn over saké. Long-time yakuza Otomo (Takeshi) has seen his kind go from elaborate body tattoos and severed fingertips to becoming important players on the stock market. Theirs is a never-ending struggle to end up on top, or at least survive, in a corrupt world where there are no heroes but constant betrayal and vengeance.

All set? The goodies are below. Curious to know what we thought of the film? Read Brent McKnight’s review by clicking right here.

Outrage (2010) Movie Poster

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