New Wanted, Hancock, and Twilight Clips

As part of their MTV Movie Awards showcase, MTV has put up new clips for “Wanted”, “Hancock”, and “Twilight” that you probably saw on TV if you were watching the MTV Movie Awards today. What, you weren’t watching? Shame on you. (Plus, it means you have good taste in TV channels, but I digress.) The clip from “Twilight” features a vampire chasing the female lead, when the male lead (who is also a vampire) appears to help out; “Wanted” has Angelina Jolie doing her thing on the hood of a car, and more bullet “curving” action; while “Hancock” features that funny moment when Hancock lands in Jason Bateman’s suburban neighborhood and encounters some unruly kids. has your High-Res options here.

Bella vs. the Vampires:

Hancock vs. a foul-mouth kid:

Angelina Jolie rides: