New Watchmen and Twilight Footages

Two more videos from last night’s Scream 2008 Awards. I still have no idea what this thing is, but apparently it involves a lot of kids in an auditorium screaming incoherently at pretty much everything. You know, kinda like MTV’s TRL program, if it stopped pretending it still cared about quality music. In any case, besides the first teaser trailer for the “Friday the 13th” remake which we posted earlier, the show also showed off two new footages from Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen”.

The “Watchmen” clip, as cool as it turned out to be (good God does Rorschach rule or what?) is preceded by an awkward introduction by the cast and director Zack Snyder onstage, nevermind that probably 99% of those screaming kids have probably never heard of “Watchmen”, must less know anything about it, or cares. But the clip for the teen vampire flick “Twilight” REALLY got them screaming, as you would imagine in an auditorium full of hyper kids strung out on Coke and whatever it is the kids drink nowadays.

“Watchmen” footage:

Update: Better version of the same trailer above.