Final Wolverine Trailer Offers More Mutie Action

Apparently that USA Today article with the new “Wolverine” images and character profiles that I posted earlier (see here) also came with a new (and some say, final) trailer for the movie that I sort of ignored. Oops. After taking a look at the trailer (below), it is indeed a new one, and features even more furious mutant action.

All of it looks pretty good, though I’m still not sure about the Wolverine walking in slow motion away from explosions shot that’s been featured on every trailer I’ve seen of the movie so far. That looks just so silly to me. Plus, the wire-fu in the trailer looks, er, off. I don’t know who was yanking the guys around the shoot, but they sure did a bad job of it. Hopefully the final product will look better.

Wolvie and his mutie pals slash their way into theaters May 1.