New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer (Bootleg)

Sooner or later 20th Century FOX will release the brand spanking new “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” trailer that was attached to the front of Keanu Reeves’ latest stab at not-emoting for the sake of art, the superfluous remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. I’m betting the studio will do it later today, but definitely not more than this week. Look for it on the net soon. But if you’re one of those people who can’t wait, someone was nice enough to film the trailer with a camcorder or some other recording device that was shown in front of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” remake, and here’s the bootleg version for your viewing pleasures.

As always, a better version of the trailer will be posted when it becomes available. For now, it’s the usual beggars can’t be choosers.

FOX has put up the trailer on Myspace. See it here or watch the equally awesome version below.


And for those who missed it, new “Wolverine” pics were previously released. Click on the image to visit the movie gallery.