New Zealand Vampire film Perfect Creature Coming to U.S. DVD

After languishing in the abyss for a few years now, Glenn Standring’s New Zealand futuristic vampire movie “Perfect Creature” (check out our positive review of it here) will finally be coming to American shores on July 17th — alas, it will be as a direct-to-DVD movie. Fangoria reports that “Perfect Creature” will hit U.S. DVD shelves “sporting a 2.35:1 transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, a making-of featurette, a second Designing the Perfect Creature featurette and trailers” and a sticker price of $29.98.

Written and directed by Glenn Standring (“The Irrefutable Truth About Demons”), “Perfect Creature” is a vampire movie set in an alternate Earth, and follows a priest (Dougray Scott) who is half-vampire as he pursues another half-vampire priest (Leo Gregory) who has gone amok, and is now killing humans. The priest teams up with a human police Captain (Saffron Burrows), who he eventually falls in love with.

I really liked the film when I saw it, and it’s too bad it won’t get a theatrical release. The ending of the film seemed to be hinting at a sequel, but there’s no word of that yet. If the DVD does well, who knows, a sequel could happen.

Scenes from “Perfect Creature”: