New Zombie 108 Trailer Is Bananas

Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Image

The new trailer for Taiwanese horror flick “Zombie 108” has most of the things that I look for in a movie. There is a little bit of set up, a little bit of story, then things get right down to business. In this case business is insane, bloody, undead mayhem infesting the blood-soaked streets of Taipei. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, then this probably isn’t for you. Seriously, there’s an S.O.S. make out of corpses. That’s a grim sight.

After a catastrophic accident at a top secret research lab, a deadly virus is released into the city and all hell breaks loose.

Controlled by a local crime lord, District 108 is the one place in the city the police don’t want to go on a normal day. But today is not a normal day, and the crack SWAT team ordered to help evacuate the uninfected must do just that. Met with fierce resistance by the local gangs, both sides suffer heavy casualties before realizing that the guys with the guns aren’t the real enemy: the zombies are!

With ammunition running low, the two sides join forces to fight for the only thing worth fighting for: a chance to escape from the city and the zombies currently running loose in it.

Directed by Joe Chien, “Zombie 108” is still unreleased in the US, though UK horror fans can pick it up on DVD on July 30th.

Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Poster

Via : Showbox Home Entertainment