News Bits: Anthony Hopkins Chases a Serial Killer, Peter Stormare Takes a Last Stand, and Tom Six’s Martin Revealed

Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Movie ImageA couple of quick movie news bits that I just couldn’t find the strength to turn into full-length news articles.

Up first, Anthony Hopkins gets back into the serial killer business, except this time as one of the good guys. Thor’s Daddy will be starring in “Solace”, in which he’ll play “John Clancy, a former doctor with psychic abilities who works for the FBI and is drawn into a unique serial killer case that pits him against a formidable foe.”

Besides Hopkins, “Solace” doesn’t have any one else attached. The script is from Sean Bailey and Ted Griffin, with drafts by James Vanderbilt and Peter Morgan (“The Queen”, “Hereafter”).


Peter Stormare in Bad Company (2002) Movie ImageMeanwhile, Hopkins’ former “Bad Company” co-star and all-around twitchy actor Peter Stormare (“Prison Break”) has joined the cast of South Korean director Kim Ji-Won’s Hollywood debut, the pseudo Western “Last Stand”, which will star former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sheriff of a sleepy little town who runs up against an escaped drug cartel leader.

Stormare, of course, will play one of the villains, described as “a seasoned war veteran who carries out the main villain’s orders and leads an eight-man crew in taking on Schwarzenegger and his fellow officers.”


And finally, here’s your first look at Martin, the latest villain in Tom Six’s latest gross-out-a-thon aka “The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)”, as played by Laurence R. Harvey. Basically, it’s a black-and-white shot of a pathetic looking fat slob. I guess Six wasn’t going for scary here.

The sequel is scheduled to hit IFC Midnight on October 7th. Prepare to be all offended and shit. Or, if you’re like me, prepare to be totally bored by the predictable “controversy” that Tom Six is milking for all its worth.

Laurence Harvey in The Human Centipede 2 (2011) Movie Image