Newsflash: Uwe Boll Thinks Journalists are Idiots

The public reaction to Uwe Boll’s upcoming World War II flick “Auschwitz” has been interesting, to say the very least. People seem pretty divided on the film, particularly those who feel that the man doesn’t have the proper cinematic skills to execute a tale as sensitive and disturbing as this without turning it into a cheap exploitation flick loaded with gruesome imagery and gratuitous violence. Dr. Boll, of course, is not pleased at all with this reaction to the aforementioned feature, and has retreated to his Facebook page to complain about how he’s being treated. His rants are amusing in their own right, particularly since he feels that everyone continues to judge him based on his earlier work.

Here’s his argument, in chronological order:

talks about that AUSCHWITZ teaser and the interesting point is that 90% of that “JOURNALIST” still judge me based on HOUSE OF THE DEAD and ALONE IN THE DARK they totally ignore that I made MORE MOVIES about REAL WORLDWIDE PROBLEMS and good movies as everybody else …from HEART OF AMERICA , SEED, POSTAL, RAMPAGE, STOIC , MAX SCHMELING and DARFUR

If a journalist calls himself JOURNALIST then they should do their job properly and do their research…. why RAMPAGE and DARFUR and STOIC getting great reviews from the people they saw them ..why a RON HOWARD and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL think that DARFUR is nothing less as a masterpiece …why over 30 festivals world…wide invited the movies…why they are sold in 100 countries IF I’M SO BAD …blablabla…

its time for all the joblos, twitch, dreadcentral , aicn …etc.. to GROW up and recognize that they have no clue what they are talking about when they talk about me because they didnt paid attention to my movies ..they just enjoy bashing me…. they pay attention to laughable , unknowledged , unpolitical directors and hype them up

they think because my english is not perfect that I#m stupid ….but what other language they know? they think because I’m not promoted by big agents and studios that they have an easy target – but the movies speak and more and more people emailing me daily , buying my movies daily and SEE that they are way more int…eresting as the brainwashing hollywood bullshit what they promote

your readers are not so stupid to just agree to your 10 years anniversary of boll bashing ….some of you readers actually watched my movies and some of your readers will see that a AUSCHWITZ movie is not an insult to jews…its the opposide. in a world where 50% of the people have no education about the holocaust and even say the holocaust never happened

is it time to show that the holocaust existed and what the holocaust was. on all of my movies are working a lot of jewish crewmembers and nobody feels offended ….instead they are happy that a movie like this gets made.

Granted, “Stoic” and “Rampage” are actually quite good, and for the most part, I understand where the guy is coming from. At the same time, however, he should understand that his reputation precedes him, and that certain people are going to draw conclusions long before the film is released. Making a movie about Auschwitz is going to twist a lot of people up, regardless of who is tackling the project. Say what you will, but the man definitely knows how to stir up controversy, not to mention publicity.