Next on the Remake Chopping Block: Commando?

I know what you’re thinking: “A remake of ‘Commando?’ Bull! Why would anyone remake a brainless action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1985?” Um, why would they remake “A Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Red Dawn” from 1984, or “Conan” from 1982? The real question isn’t why they’re remaking “Commando”, it’s why wouldn’t they remake “Commando”? At this point, one movie from the ’80s is as good as another, so trying to make sense of why Hollywood chooses to remake one movie and not others is kind of pointless. Having said that, there are rumors that a remake of “Commando” is on the horizon.

The news comes from, who wouldn’t necessarily say they’ve confirmed the remake rumors, but that they do know someone who has “heard whispers” of said remake ambitions. Why just whispers? Probably because if you went around telling people out loud that you want to remake “Commando”, they would laugh in your face. After all, “Why would you remake ‘Commando’????”

The original source apparently comes from a sidebar article in an Australian magazine called RCI. I can neither confirm nor deny that such magazine even exists. And you know what? I don’t doubt this rumor at all. Considering all the crap that’s getting remade nowadays, I just don’t see any reason why “Commando” would be excluded.

Below: It’s like “Taken”, but with more one-liners.