Nic Cage and Pierce Brosnan to Headline Polanski’s The Ghost

Roman Polanski is directing a thriller called “The Ghost”, and he’s nabbed his two leading men in Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage. Brosnan will play a former British Prime Minister name Adam Lang (who, according to Publisher’s Weekly is “clearly modelled on Tony Blair”) who is writing his memoirs, while Cage is an unnamed ghost writer who is brought in to help him meet his deadline; the catch is that Cage’s character is replacing another writer who may or may not have been murdered. The film is a paranoid political thriller, and is based on the novel by Robert Harris.

MTV has this:

Inspired in part by Tony Blair, the novel picks up steam when the ghostwriter learns privileged details about a scandal which threatens to engulf the ex-Prime Minister. Soon, he finds himself in personal jeopardy, and must learn to balance his commitments to Lang with his own safety.

More about the book from Publisher’s Weekly:

Former British prime minister Adam Lang (clearly modelled on Tony Blair) is up against a firm deadline to submit his memoirs to his publisher, and the project is dangerously derailed when his aide and collaborator, Michael McAra, perishes in a ferry accident off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. To salvage the book, a professional ghostwriter is hired to whip the manuscript into shape, but the unnamed writer soon finds that separating truth from fiction in Lang’s recollections a challenge. The stakes rise when Lang is accused of war crimes for authorizing the abduction of suspected al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan, who then ended up in the CIA’s merciless hands. As the new writer probes deeper, he uncovers evidence that his predecessor’s death may have been a homicide. Harris nicely leavens his cynical tale with gallows humor, and even readers who anticipate the plot’s final twist will admire the author’s artistry in creating an intelligent page-turner that tackles serious issues.

The movie sounds interesting, but I’m shock they were able to restrain themselves and not simply replace the Blaire clone with a Bush clone. The temptation must have been astounding!

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