Nicholas Hoult is Officially Jack the Giant Killer

Well, he’s been officially offered the role, anyway. I mean, he could still turn it down, but why would he do that? What actor in his right mind turns down the leading role in a major Hollywood studio tentpole film directed by Bryan Singer? No one, that’s who. So consider it done.

Hoult is currently playing young Beast in Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class”, a film that Singer had wanted badly to direct, but couldn’t thanks to commitments to “Jack”, but he did end up producing. Which is probably where he realized Hoult would make a great Jack.

Quick FYI: You may not recognize the name Hoult, but if you saw the Brothers Weitz’s romantic comedy “About a Boy” a few years back, then that’s him, the kid who is bugging Hugh Grant. Yup, he’s all grown up. Welcome to Hollywood, kid.