Nick Cassavetes to Direct Captain America Movie?

Let’s face it: Captain America gets no respect. Kids too “cool” for school shun his patriotic slant, and the comics killed the poor sap. (Well, as much as “killed” as you can get in a comic book, anyways.) So how could a Captain America movie even be possible in today’s Hollywood? A place where every other movie that gets made is designed to mock all notions of patriotism and to shamelessly bash the country for a shot at Oscar glory? Who knows, but maybe Nick Cassavetes has something to say about that. According to the guys over at CHUD, there are rumblings (that is to say, there are some wild rumors and off-the-cuff talk) that Cassavetes is going to be bringing the shield slinger to the big screen soon. Maybe. Probably not. Eh, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s CHUD:

This email came over the transom today:

The itv show, This Morning, had a couple of days back. My wife tells me that Gena Rowlands was on, and mentioned that her son was ORIGINALLY going to direct an IRON-MAN movie… he’s now instead thinking of doing CAPTAIN AMERICA. Not quite sure who her son is… or whether she’s accurate… but thought I’d send it your way anyway.

I am quite sure of who her son is: Nick Cassavetes, borne of her union with genius filmmaker John Cassavetes. Nick was originally attached to Iron Man for a long, long time before Jon Favreau took that over, and apparently he and the folks at Marvel got along pretty well. That means it isn’t wildly surprising to hear that he’s involved or in talks for Captain America.

Obviously the whole thing is questionable, so take it for what you will. I still don’t believe a movie about a patriotic soldier is possible in today’s Hollywood. And even if they end up making it against all odds, they’ll probably pervert the character so much that it won’t matter.

But hey, maybe it’s just that old pessimism again.

Nick Cassavetes to Direct Captain America Movie?